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Understanding emotions and behaviour - parent training

As a parent of a child with additional needs you might find that:

  • they have episodes of violent or explosive behaviour

  • you don’t know how to manage this behaviour

  • you feel embarrassed to take your child out in public

  • you can’t keep your child safe

  • you are simply exhausted from the daily challenges

Our parent training on emotions and behaviour will build your understanding of why your child is behaving the way they do. You will come away feeling more confident about how to support your child and hopefully feel closer to them as a result.

This training covers what emotions are and how they develop, as well as what challenging behaviour can look like. We share a range of ideas for how to develop your child’s awareness of their emotions and tips and advice for dealing with their challenging behaviour.  

Section 1 – Introduction

Section 2 – What are emotions and how do they affect behaviour?

Section 3 – What is challenging behaviour?

Section 4 – How does emotional understanding typically develop?

Section 5 – Strategies to support emotional development

Section 6 – Strategies to support with challenging behaviour

Section 7 – What’s next?

The content is presented in a series of short videos with worksheets to guide you to reflect on how this applies to your own child, and supporting resources for you to download.


IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: We are aware that some people are uncomfortable with the term 'challenging behaviour', feeling it reflects negatively on the individual displaying the behaviour. For us, 'challenging' refers partly to the impact on the people around the child but also the fact that the behaviour can be difficult for the child themselves. We hope this makes sense but apologise for any offense. We are always reviewing the terms we use and are open to hearing any feedback around this.

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