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This is for you if you are fed up of googling for answers, not sure where to go or who to ask, need information on several topic areas or are waiting for portage/CAMHS/speech and language therapy. You will understand your child better and gain confidence in how to help them with practical advice you can go away and action straight away. 

Packed with content to help you support your child including 30 minute 'on topic' videos giving information and advice on different topics, 60 second overview videos of SEND-related terminology and handy resources for you to download and use. Additional content is added every month. Sign up here for £9.99 a month (pay monthly) or £100 for a year in one go:


and then click on the images to go to each section. 

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On topic videos

These videos are recordings of the weekly live sessions we hold on our Facebook page. Here you can access the entire back catalogue at your leisure!  Topics include:

  • Trauma and guilt 

  • Anxiety

  • Not ticking boxes 

  • Rigid thinking

  • Sensory diets

  • Visuals

  • Reducing violent behaviour


and much more!​

60 second videos

These are a whistle-stop tour of information about a specific subject, intervention, strategy or phrase. If you've only got a few minutes spare, start here! 

Topics include:

  • Echolalia

  • Lego Therapy

  • Intensive Interaction

  • Masking

  • Attention-Autism



You can download these to use with your child to support their communication, emotional regulation, behaviour and more!

Resources include:

  • Aided language boards

  • Now and next board

  • Topic handouts

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