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The Constellation Profile is a handy overview of your child’s needs and development in one simple image.

Your child's Profile is a chart as unique as they are, showing at a glance which areas of development are more challenging for them and which are their strengths. It’s a celebration of their individuality and the pattern of what makes them who they are. 


Fill in the assessment form yourself and share it with others who know your child if you would like to. We can create separate charts to represent each of these or a combined score for a joined-up picture of your child. 


Once you have your Constellation Profile you can share it with professionals and family and friends who can easily see where your child might need additional support. This is a starting point, leading to the exploration of specific strategies that will help your child’s development.


Once you have purchased a Constellation Profile you will get a link to download the assessment form and this will also be emailed to you. Follow the instructions on the form and your Profile will be underway! 

Constellation Profile

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