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This session is for you if you have noticed your child has sensory differences - maybe they dislike loud noises, are a fussy eater, can't sit still or love messy play. 


In this training we will be looking at:

✅ What is sensory processing?

✅ The eight sensory systems

✅ What dysregulation of the sensory systems might look like

✅ Strategies to support sensory regulation 

✅ An action plan to move forward


The training session is roughly 1 hour and packed with useful information, practical advice and new things you can try straight away.


The video is in a private Facebook group, the link to which is included in a document when you purchase, along with a session handout and a useful resource. Please request to join the Facebook group giving your booking email so we can confirm your access. Once you're in, you're welcome to ask questions and comment for support from the Guiding Stars team and others in the group.  

Shining a Light on Sensory Regulation - training

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