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Your concerns

Your child's speech is unclear.

Your child doesn't speak yet.

You don't understand what your child wants and needs.

Your child gets frustrated trying to make themselves understood.

Your child doesn't want to interact.

Your child has no interest in other people.

Your child can't follow instructions.

Your child doesn't understand questions.

How we can help

A free 30 minute discovery call to chat things through.

Ideas and support through a Stay and Learn or multisensory story group session if your child is aged two to five.

In-depth information and practical advice through a Shining a Light live training session on Visuals to Support Daily Routines.

One to one recommendations for your child's unique communication through an assessment and report. 


One to one direct work with you and your child to set up a communication system.

Assuming a child who can't speak has nothing to say is like assuming an adult without a car has nowhere to go...

"I have found since she has been coming her speech has come on, she has also learnt other things like learning to share and taking turns it's a great lesson to help with children's development."
Sammi-Jo, mum to S

Communication and interaction

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