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Your concerns

Your child chews everything.

Your child deliberately crashes into things.

Your child runs around. 

Your child seems unable to focus.

Sensitivities to clothing, noise, light or textures.

Fussy eating.

Challenges with different environments.

How we can help

A free 30 minute discovery call to chat things through.

In-depth information and practical advice through a Shining a Light live training session on Behind the Whirlwind: Understanding Sensory Regulation.

One to one recommendations for your child's unique sensory processing through an assessment and report. 


One to one direct work with you and your child to set up a sensory diet, sensory circuit or explore other strategies.

"It was great being around other parents and people who understood the difficulties my son faces every day. (Staff) even created a quiet space for my son when he had a sensory overload."
Amy, mum to J

Sensory processing

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