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Your concerns

Your child shows behaviours such as hitting, kicking, shouting, throwing or destroying things.  

Your child withdraws and shuts down.

Your child tries to control everything. 


Your child can't tell you how they're feeling.


Your child has no understanding of other people's emotions.  

Your child is anxious.

Your child lacks confidence and self-esteem. 

How we can help

A free 30 minute discovery call to chat things through.

Ideas and support through a Stay and Learn group session if your child is aged two to five.

In-depth information and practical advice through a Shining a Light live training session on Preventing and Managing Meltdowns.

One to one recommendations for your child's unique emotional and behavioural needs through an assessment and report. 


One to one direct work with you and your child to teach emotional awareness and develop plans for managing behaviour.

Behaviour is a form of communication.

"Even when Harry became confused or frustrated, Angharad was always cool-headed and calm."
Leanne, mum to Harry

Emotional regulation and behaviour

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