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Your concerns

You have one or several children in your setting who have significant needs.


You and other staff lack the training to effectively support certain children.  

You are having to exclude or suspend children as a result of their behaviour. 

You have children refusing to attend your setting.

You need strategies that don't rely on one to one staffing being available.

How we can help

Support for specific children - one-off or ongoing. This might be as alternative provision for a child struggling to access your setting.

Training for staff on topics such as Understanding Autism, Positive Behaviour Management, Non-Verbal Communication, Makaton and lots more. 

Staff coaching and consultancy (such as SENDCo problem-solving sessions, advisory work with the senior leadership team).

Demonstrating key strategies to staff or delivering regular group sessions.

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Commissioned by Hampshire County Council.

Trained Cornerstones Nursery.

Support for professionals

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